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Research Labs by Region

  • French archaeological beliefs put into question...
  • Institute of Archaeology AS CR Brno
  • McGregor Museum
  • The Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology

  • American Midwest
  • Archaeological Research Laboratory (ARL) - Milwaukee
  • Center for American Archaeology
  • Center for Archaeological Investigations (CAI), Southern Illinois University
  • Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology
  • Illinois State Museum GIS Laboratory
  • Indiana University William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory
  • Iowa State University Archaeological Laboratory (ISUAL)
  • Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center
  • Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
  • Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials
  • Social Sciences in Forestry
  • South Dakota State Archaeological Research Center
  • The Archaeological Research Laboratory (ARL)

  • American Northeast
  • Archaeological Mapping Lab
  • Connecticut State Museum of Natural History & Connecticut Archaeology Center
  • Fordham University, The Center for Medieval Studies, New York
  • Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute - Geoarchaeology
  • Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute
  • The Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology
  • The Public Archaeology Laboratory, Inc. (PAL)

  • American Northwest
  • Luminescence Dating Laboratory, University of Washington
  • Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory

  • American Southeast
  • Beta Analytic, Inc. Professional Radiocarbon Dating Service
  • Cobb Institute of Archaeology
  • Diffusion Laboratory: Obsidian Hydration Dating and X-ray Flurescence Analysis
  • Florida Museum of Natural History: Florida Archaeology
  • Historical Archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History
  • LAMAR Institute, Georgia
  • Middle American Research Institute (MARI) - Tulane University
  • South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA)
  • University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
  • University of Southern Alabama Archaeology, Center for Archaeological Studies

  • American Southwest
  • Archaeology Southwest
  • Arizona State Museum, The University of Arizona
  • Arizona State University, Archaeological Research Institute (ARI)
  • Center for Archaeological Research - UT San Antonio
  • Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
  • Institute of Human Origins, Arizona State University
  • School of Advanced Research (SAR)
  • The Amerind Foundation, Inc - An Archaeological Research Facility and Museum
  • The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
  • The Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL)

  • American West
  • Archaeological Research Facility (ARF), UC Berkeley
  • Archaeometrics
  • Berkeley Archaeological XRF Lab
  • Center for Archaeological Research at Davis
  • Conservation at the Getty
  • Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA
  • Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA: Zooarchaeology Laboratory
  • Geochemical Research Laboratory
  • Humbodlt State University, Archaeology Lab
  • Sonoma State University, Anthropological Studies Center (ASC)
  • West Semitic Research Project (WSRP)

  • Arctic & SubArctic
  • Arctic Centre, University of Groningen
  • Institutt for Arkeologi

  • Central America
  • Florida Museum of Natural History Environmental Archaeology Program

  • Far East
  • Late Quaternary Human Adaptation and Climate Change in Northwest China

  • Mediterranean
  • Centro para el Estudio de la Interdependencia Provincial en la Antigüedad Clásica
  • Digiter Geoarcheologia - Italian
  • Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
  • L'archeologie sous les mers - Underwater Archaeology
  • Mediterranean Archaeological Research Institute

  • Mesoamerica
  • Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, State University of New York, Albany
  • Middle American Research Institute (MARI) - Tulane University
  • Programme for Belize Archaeological Project (PfBAP)
  • Zacatecas Institute of Teaching and Research in Ethnology

  • Near East
  • Biblish Archäologisches Institut
  • Franciscan Archaeological Institute
  • Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO)
  • Netherlands Institute in Turkey
  • The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology
  • West Semitic Research Project (WSRP)

  • Oceania
  • Kon-Tiki Museum: Institute for Pacific Archaeology and Cultural History

  • Old World
  • Arkeologiska forskningslaboratoriet (Archaeology Research Laboratory)
  • Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
  • Laboratory for Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology - Lund University, Sweden
  • Le belier d Antaka
  • University of York, Centre for Palaeoecology
  • Vitenskapsmuseet: Seksjon for arkeologi og kulturhistorie

  • Southeast Asia
  • Center for Khmer Studies
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