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  • 2012 - Simon Fraser University and University of the South Pacific - Fiji Archaeology Field School
  • 2012 Field School in Australia at Cape Arid National Park
  • A First Bibliography of Historical Archaeology in Australia Continued
  • A’asu Valley Archaeology Project
  • American Samoa Historic Preservation Office - Bibliography
  • Andover Foundation for Archaeological Research (AFAR), Archaeology in the Marquesas Islands
  • Archaeological & Anthropological Society of Victoria
  • Archaeology in Oceania
  • Archaeology World
  • Australasian Archaeology Conference (Annual)
  • Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology Inc
  • Australasian Quaternary Association
  • Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA)
  • Australian Archaeology Association
  • Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (AACAI)
  • Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Heritage
  • Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material Inc. (AICCM)
  • Australian Institute of Archaeology
  • Australian Museum
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG)
  • Australian National University (ANU), Department of Archaeology and Natural History
  • Australian National University, Applied Anthropology
  • Australian National University, School of Archaeology & Anthropology
  • Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research and Australian National Herbarium
  • Clive Ruggle`s Image Collection - Archaeological Sites
  • Cultural Heritage Law : Index of International and national links to laws
  • Easter Island Statue Project
  • Eras on-line journal
  • Finno-Ugrian Petroglyph Museum from Stoneage
  • Flinders University Field Schools, Australia, 2012
  • Flinders University Maritime Archaeology Monograph Series (MAMS)
  • Flinders University, Department of Archaeology
  • Flinders University, Maritime Archaeology
  • gayenayton archaeology
  • Guam Historic Resources Division
  • Heritage Park Whangarei
  • HMS Pandora - Queensland Museum
  • James Cook University, Department of Anthropology, Archaeology, and Sociology
  • Journal of Pacific Archaeology
  • Kon-Tiki Museum: Institute for Pacific Archaeology and Cultural History
  • La Trobe University, School of Historical and European Studies, Program of Archaeology
  • Macquarie University, Department of Anthropology
  • Marshall Islands Archaeology An Eclectic Bibliography
  • Meritime Heritage Online, New South Wales
  • Monash University, Centre for Archaeology & Ancient History
  • Museum Victoria, Australia
  • National Museum of Australia, Canberra
  • New Zealand Archaeological Association (NZAA)
  • New Zealand Journal of Archaeology
  • PalaeoWorks
  • Paleoanthropology in the 1990's
  • Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory Homepage
  • Raivavae Archaeological Project
  • Resources by Subject: Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Robert Goldwater Library Online Resource
  • Samoan Archaeology Bibliography
  • Save Dampier rock art
  • South Australia Historical Archaeology Database
  • South Australian Museum
  • T. S. Dye & Colleagues, Archaeologists, Inc.
  • The American Samoa Community College-University of Oregon, Samoa Field School
  • The Archaeologists Field Handbook, Allen and Unwin Publisher
  • The Coombsweb - Asia-Pacific Research
  • The Queensland Museum
  • The University of Sydney, Department of Anthropology
  • Tutuila Mountaintop Archaeology Project
  • Tutuila Mountaintop Archaeology Project: Bibliography
  • Universität Leipzig, Department of Archaeology
  • University of Auckland, Department of Anthropology
  • University of Otago, Department of Anthrpology
  • University of Queensland, School of Social Science
  • University of Western Australia, School of Social and Cultural Studies, Discipline Group Archaeology
  • Vanuatu Cultural Centre
  • Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory
  • Western Australian Museum
  • Whangarei Museum
  • William Ayres: Pacific Islands Research and Teaching
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