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Academic Paper by Region

American Midwest
  • Oklahoma Indian Artifacts - By Robert E. Bell
  • On the Great Hopewell Road
  • The Dakota at Mille Lacs: A comparative analysis...

  • American Northeast
  • A Study of Ground-Slate Knives from Connecticut
  • American Museum of Natural History, Division of Anthropology
  • Clay Aquisition and Vessel Distribution Patterns: Southern New England
  • Cross-mending Northeastern Ceramic Typologies
  • Lost Towns Project

  • American Northwest
  • Le matériel archéologique de Kitngipalak, île St. Laurent, Alaska...
  • Oregon Prehistory

  • American Southeast
  • Gulf of Mexico Archaeological Information
  • Little Salt Spring
  • The Chickasaw Indians and Their Nation - The Chickasaw Villages by Stephen R. Cook

  • American Southwest
  • Center for Big Bend Studies
  • Pottery and Pigments in Arizona: Salado Polychrome
  • Pottery Southwest
  • Sipapu - The Anasazi Emergence into the Cyber World

  • American West
  • Center for Archaeological Research at Davis

  • Arctic & SubArctic
  • Le matériel archéologique de Kitngipalak, île St. Laurent, Alaska...

  • Caribbean
  • Cuba Arqueologica

  • Far East
  • Late Quaternary Human Adaptation and Climate Change in Northwest China
  • The University Museum Bulletin No.27: Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers in Japan?New Research Methods?

  • Mediterranean
  • Ancient Cyprus Web Project
  • teoria del origen del arte paleolítico
  • The Earliest Prehistory of Cyprus: From Colonization to Exploitation (ASOR Publication)

  • Mesoamerica
  • A Textile-Clay Composite From the Ancient Maya World: A Previously Unreported Artifact Material
  • American Museum of Natural History, Division of Anthropology
  • Maya Research Program & the Blue Creek, Belize, Field School 2012-2013
  • Programme for Belize Archaeological Project (PfBAP)
  • Teotihuacan Mural Art: Assessing the Accuracy of its Interpretation

  • Near East
  • 2012 - The Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project - Tel Rehov and Tel Beth-Shean Excavations
  • Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey (ADIAS)
  • Ancient Synagogues in the Holy Land - What Synagogues?
  • Archaeology in the Levant - University of California, San Diego
  • ArchAtlas
  • Bioarchaeology of the Near East
  • Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project

  • New World
  • Applied Archaeology in the Bolivian Amazon
  • Arqueología
  • On Monte Verde: Fiedel's Confusions and Misrepresentationtions
  • Pukara Archaeological Project
  • Zooarqueologia y Tafonomia de Zonas Aridas

  • Old World
  • Jungsteinzeit periodical
  • Primeros Pobladores de Extremadura
  • Rock Art Scandinavia
  • Via Egnatia

  • South Asia
  • WWW Virtual Library Sri Lanka - Archaeology Page

  • Southeast Asia
  • Problems and Hypotheses on the Prehistoric Lal-lo, Northern Luzon, Philippines
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