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K-12 Resource by Region

American Midwest
  • Center for American Archaeology Field Schools
  • Forgotten Chicago
  • Kansas State Historical Society
  • Mathers Museum of World Cultures - Indiana University
  • Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center - For Educators
  • Office of the State Archaeologist, The University of Iowa
  • What's the Point? Identifying Flint artifacts

  • American Northeast
  • Friends of Pine Hawk: The Pine Hawk Ancient Native American Habitation Site, Massachusetts
  • Kids Dig Reed - Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site
  • Life on Plymouth Plantation - Lesson Plan
  • Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC)
  • Modern History Sourcebook: William Bradford: from History of Plymouth Plantation, c. 1650
  • OLogy, the American Museum of Natural History Web site for kids
  • Plimouth Plantation: Living Breathing History
  • Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project
  • Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site, West Virginia
  • Summer Archaeology Program Report: 4th Grade
  • The Museum of Science, Boston
  • University of Pennsylvania, African Studies Center

  • American Northwest
  • NOVA teachers: Ice Mummies Lesson Plan
  • Oregon Prehistory

  • American Southeast
  • Gulf of Mexico Archaeological Information
  • Lost Worlds | Interactive Museum of the American Indian
  • The Aucilla River Project: When the First Floridians met the Last Mastedons

  • American Southwest
  • Anasazi Heritage Center - BLM Colorado
  • Kidipede History for Kids
  • Learning About Rock Art
  • Old Pueblo Archaeology Center
  • Scholastic Explorers: Be an Archaeologist: New Mexico?s Spanish Frontier
  • SHUMLA (Texas) - ongoing archeological and rock art research (field schools)
  • University of Arizona - Palynology

  • American West
  • Center for Archaeological Research at Davis
  • Crow Canyon: Archaeology Summer Camps for Teens

  • Central America
  • Climatologist's Toolbox: Could a changed climate be responsible for the fall of the mighty Maya?
  • Cloth & Clay : Communicating Culture

  • Mediterranean
  • dearqueologia.com
  • Internet ancient history sourcebook
  • Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa

  • Mesoamerica
  • Cloth & Clay : Communicating Culture
  • FAMSI: Casa K'inich Teacher's Guide Book
  • Maya Adventure - Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Maya Civilization - Past & Present
  • Maya Research Program & the Blue Creek, Belize, Field School 2012-2013
  • Mayan Architecture
  • The Sport of Life and Death: The MesoAmerican Ballgame

  • Near East
  • Canaan and Ancient Israel - an online exhibit from the University of Pennsylvania Museum
  • Internet ancient history sourcebook

  • Old World
  • Cave of Lascaux
  • I Dig Sheffield
  • Le belier d Antaka
  • Old World Archaeology Study Unit
  • The Ancient Greek World
  • The Walhain-Saint-Paul Project

  • Plains & Rocky Mtns.
  • History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society Kids Page
  • Loveland Stone Age Fair
  • Texas Beyond History
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