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Ethnohistory & Ethnoarchaeology by Continent

  • African Diaspora Archaeology Network
  • Africawrites
  • INAGINA - The last house of Iron
  • Kerma
  • Kulturenwicklung und Sprachgeschichte im Naturraum Westafrikanische Savanne
  • Mission Archéologique et Ethnoarchéologique Suisse en Afrique de lOuest
  • Museum Africa

  • Asia
  • 2012 - The Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project - Tel Rehov and Tel Beth-Shean Excavations
  • Andover Foundation for Archaeological Research (AFAR), Archaeology in the Marquesas Islands
  • Problems and Hypotheses on the Prehistoric Lal-lo, Northern Luzon, Philippines
  • WWW Virtual Library Sri Lanka - Archaeology Page

  • Australia
  • Flinders University Field Schools, Australia, 2012

  • Europe
  • European EXchange on Archaeological Research and Communication
  • Fen Edge Archaeology Group
  • Fulachta Fiadh - An Irish Mystery
  • Historical Foods
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook
  • - a Viking age quarterly
  • Kalaureia Research Program
  • Laboratory of Experimental Archaeology
  • Lunds Universitet, Laboratory for Ceramic Research
  • Polish Academy of Sciences - Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology
  • The Journal of the North Atlantic
  • VAEE - association for experimental archaeology and education in the Netherlands
  • Viking Bronze

  • North America
  • Abbe Museum, Maine
  • American Society for Ethnohistory Home Page
  • Coyote Press
  • Dr. Tom Kavanagh's Homepage about North American Indians
  • FAMSI: Maya Hieroglyph Dictionary
  • History Matters Digital Blackboard
  • Journal of Northeast Anthropology
  • Lost Worlds | Interactive Museum of the American Indian
  • NativeTech
  • Oneida Indian Nation
  • Picturing a Nation: Native Americans and Visual Representation
  • Rock Piles
  • Shapes and Uses of California Indian Basketry -The California Indian Library Collections Project
  • Teaching History online
  • The History Gateway at Kansas
  • The Seneca Nation of Indians - The Canandaigua Treaty of 1794
  • The Virtual Meier Site, oregon
  • Tree & Tradition: Brown Ash & Maine Native American Basketmaking
  • University of Connecticut, Department of Anthropology
  • Zacatecas Institute of Teaching and Research in Ethnology

  • South America
  • American Society for Ethnohistory Home Page
  • Instituto de Arqueología Amazónica
  • Rehearsal about culture in the Casma valley
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