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US Cultural Protection Legislation

Archive of federal legislation related to historic preservation and cultural resource management. Please mail if you would like to register your WWW server or know of online documents not on this list. For a survey and review of resources for historic preservation, check out Peter Stott's Internet Resource Guide for Heritage Conservation, Historic Preservation and Archaeology.

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* Organic Act (1916)
* 43 CFR 3 Preservation of American Antiquities (1954)
* National Historic Preservation Act (1966)
* National Environmental Policy Act and related documents (1969-1986)
* Executive Order No. 11593 (1971)
* Archaeological Resources Protection Act (1979)
* 36 CFR 60 National Register of Historic Places (1981)
  • National Register Information from the NPS
    * 36 CFR 61 Procedures for Approved State and Local Government Historic Preservation Programs (1983)
    * 36 CFR 63 Determinations of Eligibility for Inclusion in the National Register
    * 36 CFR 65 National Historic Landmarks Program
    * 36 CFR 800 Protection of Historic and Cultural Properties (1986)
    * NAGPRA: Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (1990)
  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Bureau of Reclamation Site
  • NAGPRA Related Documents archived at NADB
    * 36 CFR 68 Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties (1995)
    * Executive Order No. 13006 Locating Federal Facilities On Historic Properties In Our Nation's Central Cities (1996)
    * Executive Order No. 13007 Protection of Religious Practices and Sacred Sites (1996)

    Legislation Watch

    * Legislation Watch Recent developments in federal, state, and local preservation legislation.
    * Preserve/Net Law contains many state and local CRM related documents

    Related Documents

    * HABS/HAER Index: Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record. An index of historic architectural and engineering sites organized by state. Provided by the West Virginia Network for Education - MountainGopher.

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