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Internet resources from US government agencies responsible for cultural resource management, historic preservation, and archaeology. Please mail if you would like to register your WWW server or know of online information not on this list. For a survey and review of resources for historic preservation, check out the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training Internet Resource Guide for Heritage Conservation, Historic Preservation and Archaeology.

Updated: June, 2001

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
National Archaeological Database -- University of Arkansas
Draft Professional Qualification Standards -- Secretary of the Interior
National Archives
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
The National Endowment for the Humanities is a source of funding for archaeological research.
Consult the NEH Grant Programs for more information.
National Indian Policy Center [Gopher] -- George Washington University
National Park Service
National Park Service - Links to the Past
American Battlefield Protection Program
Midwest Archaeological Center
Southeast Archaeological Center
National Register of Historic Places
National Science Foundation
US Army Corps. of Engineers
Mobile District Historic Resources
Omaha District Cultural Resources Program
US Bureau of Reclamation
Thomas -- US Congress WWW Site
US Fish and Wildlife Service

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